Go Nowhere.

From the Road: It’s A Lifestyle

Roadtripper: Trent Location: Indiana Vehicle: Dodge Dakota “I have no doubt that this has been the best purchase. It’s exactly what I was looking for and needed for the lifestyle that I enjoy. I am beyond thrilled to be one of your loyal customers.”...

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From the Road: Far Off The Grid

Roadtripper: Preston K. Location: American West I spent a lot of time looking for a caravan that would meet my needs. The Vintage Overland caravan has been perfect for me! I was looking for a caravan that would be perfect for short trips in the San Juans, and mine...

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From The Road: Opening Doors to the Outdoors

From the Road Roadtripper: Robert S. Location: Yellowstone, USA Vehicle: Subaru I moved to Denver, Colorado in April 2013 after no small amount of soul-searching. I had lived in Pittsburgh for all of my adult life, but I it was time for a change. As I looked at major...

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From the Road: Rocky Mountain High

From the Road Roadtripper: Jennifer O. Location: Colorado, USA Vehicle: Jeep Grand Cherokee   My first foray into solo tent camping is what eventually brought me to my T.E. Lawrence Vintage Overland caravan. My husband and a buddy were riding the Tour of the...

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From the Road: From Peaks to Plains

From the Road Roadtripper: Don M. Location: Washington Vehicle: Jeep Cherokee “Living in the rainy northwest this was the perfect way to extend my camping season and beat the crowds, not to mention getting places the big RVs cannot. The caravan is Cozy, Dry,...

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From the Road: A Baja Tour

From the Road Roadtripper: Guy M. Location: Baja Mexico Vehicle: Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser “Thanks Vintage Overland, for building us such an awesome trailer. As you know, a few days after getting the trailer, we loaded up and took it on a little trip of 3,750...

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From the Road: A Subaru Across the Desert

From The Road Roadtripper: Elizabeth F. Location: Maine Vehicle: Subaru My friends and I headed out on our cross country road trip in March 2016. We began our travels in Maine and concluded our trip in the California Redwood National Park. Our trip was virtually...

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Contact a Designer.

“The point of owning a Vintage Overland Camper is not to go somewhere—it’s to go nowhere.”

The single-axle rolling campers are comforting, birch-wood wombs inspired by Danish design and made with all-American parts.


“If one company stands above the others for style, it’s Vintage Overland.”

They offer just enough comfort to make the wilderness seem permanently habitable. It takes six weeks to build one, so if you order it now, it’ll arrive in plenty of time for next summer’s showers.


“If you like a caravan holiday, this is the caravan to holiday in.”

Shaped like a steel teardrop, the Vintage Overland is meticulously constructed and, due to its lightness, can be hitched to vehicles of any size. Time to hit the road.