American Craftsmanship. Part of a Tradition

The Vintage Overland Story

Britton Purser has always found it challenging to narrow his focus toward a singular pursuit.  At seven years of age, Britton’s little world opened up when he hopped on a motorcycle for the first time.  Riding became his obsession. He spent his summers racing alongside cattle on a mountain ranch.  His love of all things on wheels has never left him.

As a small-town fashion-conscious teenager in the 1980’s, Britton found that in order to express himself creatively he would have to become his own designer.  Friends paid him for his re-constructed military boots or a one-of-a-kind jacket. Encouraged, Britton went on to receive his education in the heart of the fashion industry when he enrolled in design school in Los Angeles.

Later, while attending university back home in Colorado, he met his wife Ami in the sculpture department. The couple instantly bonded over art, travel, and food. After entering into married life, Britton worked independently for over a decade as a finish carpenter, specializing in historical restoration. Two little boys later, he is more inspired than ever to enlist his skills and follow his heart.

One afternoon in the studio, with a magic marker in hand, Britton sketched out a simple teardrop shape on a piece of scrap plywood. That was the moment that everything came together… The countless nights spent under the desert sky, the restless side that needs to wander, an appreciation for art and design and the romance of vintage travel.  These were all summed up in a trailer design scribble that became the first Vintage Overland caravan.

“It’s not entirely about the vehicle that gets you there, it’s about the journey and what the vehicle represents. It’s about where that vehicle will take you and the spirit of adventure that it creates while on the road.”

Vintage Overland was born of necessity, the need to grab that romance, passion, and sense of adventure and take it into the middle of nowhere. Britton, alongside his two brothers, Cody and Cullen  spend day and night in the studio where they meticulously design, shape and assemble each custom caravan by hand. It is Vintage Overland’s desire to preserve and bring to you the quality and heritage of American craftsmanship.




Contact a Designer.

All of our caravans are designed and built by hand in Colorado. Contact a caravan designer to see what kind of travel trailer we can build for you.

“The point of owning a Vintage Overland Camper is not to go somewhere—it’s to go nowhere.”

The single-axle rolling campers are comforting, birch-wood wombs inspired by Danish design and made with all-American parts.


“If one company stands above the others for style, it’s Vintage Overland.”

They offer just enough comfort to make the wilderness seem permanently habitable. It takes six weeks to build one, so if you order it now, it’ll arrive in plenty of time for next summer’s showers.


“If you like a caravan holiday, this is the caravan to holiday in.”

Shaped like a steel teardrop, the Vintage Overland is meticulously constructed and, due to its lightness, can be hitched to vehicles of any size. Time to hit the road.