Danish Inspired. Custom Designed. Caravan Camping Trailers.

“You don’t need much, even in the most barren, exposed places. Just a small feeling of home.”

– Popular Mechanics Magazine

All of our Travel Trailer models are light enough to be towed by almost any vehicle.

Caravan Models

All our caravans include:

• Hand Built Oversized Door
• Hardwood Interior
• UV Aluminum Exterior
• Exterior Utility Light
• Solar Panel
• Goal Zero Generator
• Torsion Axle
• Powder Coated Frames and Fenders
• Rear Receiver Hitch
• Vintage Style Tail Lights
• Baby Moon Hubcaps
• LED Lights (Interior and Exterior)
• Vent and Fan
• Tinted Window with Screen
• Memory Foam Mattress
• Diamond Plate Reinforcement
• Basic Graphics Package ( Signature Black Stripe and VO Logo)
• Hand Crafted, High Quality Construction and Detail

Each caravan is made individually by hand and features an anodized-aluminum outer skin to prevent corrosion, while the interior is built using Baltic Birch, multi-layer plywood and water-resistant clear coat.

The interior birch panels have cut outs that create a sense of extra space and pay homage to Danish design.

All materials are sourced from U.S. companies, most right here in Colorado.

THE TUCO $21,000

Named for Eli Wallach’s character in “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” the Tuco teardrop trailer is compact, tough, and should never be underestimated on the trail. This model is our smallest Overlanding Trailer and is perfect for the adventurer looking to go to the backcountry on a 4x4 road.

Whether you need an ultra lightweight trailer for your small vehicle or are looking for a smaller travel trailer to go further and stay longer the Tuco Teardrop is perfect for your next road trip.

Add some additional racks and turn the Tuco trailer into a real gear-hauler inside and out. Utilitarian sensibility makes the Tuco Caravan a workhorse by day and a comfortable, quiet camping haven by night.

• Cabin 4’x8’ Full Length Including Tongue 12’ Total Height 6’
• Tuco Trailer Weight: 600lbs.



The Great Escape Caravan is a smooth blend of form and function. Open up the back hatch to reveal a kitchenette, prep station or storage space. This caravan offers supreme storage that makes longer overlanding trips more comfortable. Keep your camping supplies separate from your sleeping cabin.

This two person caravan sleeps a couple very comfortably with enough storage space for gear on your adventure.

• Cabin 4’x8’ Full Length Including Tongue 12’ Total Height 6’
• Back Hatch Height 20” x Width 58” x Depth 28”
• The Great Escape Weight 750 lbs.

• Rear Hatch
• Bug Screen
• Large Multipurpose Storage Boot (Great for your camp “kitchen”, food supplies, or gear.)

T.E. LAWRENCE $29,000

One of Vintage Overland’s greatest sources of inspiration comes from the iconic figure T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia. We have made a conscious effort to capture a bit of his spirit in each of our teardrop trailer designs. The T.E. Lawrence caravan is roomy and yet light enough to be easily managed by a single person.

It’s no surprise that the T.E. Lawrence is our most popular model.

• Cabin 5’x8’ Full Length Including Tongue 12’ Total Height 6’
• Back Hatch Height 20” x Width 58” x Depth 28”
• T.E. Lawrence Weight 900lbs.


• Second Door
• Spare Tire and Mount
• Rack Mount System
• Awning
• Front Basket (Welded Tubular Steel)
• Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress
• Rear Hatch
• Extra LED Lighting
• Bug Screen
• Large Multi-Purpose Storage Boot (Great for your camp “kitchen”, food supplies, or gear)
• Added Storage


Spare Tire and Mount (Military-inspired tires): $650

Rack Mount System (Round Style): $650

Second Door: $1,600

Front Basket (Welded Tubular Steel): $550

Custom Graphics: Starting at $600

Awning: $575

Additional Hand Built Kitchen Storage: $1,800

Contact a Designer.

Planning a road trip or thinking of taking an overland adventure? Contact a caravan designer to see what trailer would be the best fit for your dream trip.

Outside Magazine Logo
“If one company stands above the others for style, it’s Vintage Overland.”

They offer just enough comfort to make the wilderness seem permanently habitable. It takes six weeks to build one, so if you order it now, it’ll arrive in plenty of time for next summer’s showers.


Business Den Logo Mark

“Built almost exclusively with material sourced from Grand Junction, except for the axles, which come from Denver.”

The road to building campers started when Purser was a kid. He grew up on a 2,700-acre Colorado ranch without television or electricity in the summers.


“They build a classic trailer that encourages you to get out and explore, while bringing the comfort of a warm bed along with you.”

The tasteful styling and straightforward construction of their designs stand in stark contrast to the modern trailers rolling off the assembly lines now.