High Quality. Limited Production. Caravans Made By Hand.

The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry.

– Craftsmanship as defined by the Oxford Dictionary

Contact a Designer.

All of our caravans are designed and built by hand. Contact a caravan designer to see what kind of trailer we can build for you.


“This design will ensure one stays comfortable and well rested on even the longest and most demanding of adventures”

Built by hand in the classic teardrop shape, these caravans provide an enclosed place to store one’s gear and at night function as a proper bedroom.


“Quality over everything else, the caravans are rugged enough to handle the roughest terrain and easily zip through everyday roads.”

As a multipurpose teardrop, you can use it to haul your belongings or turn it into one of the most comfortable rest breaks you have ever experienced on a road journey.


“Each teardrop provides the makings for a quick and easy get away, offering shelter for two adults or with a few additions even a family of four.”

Vintage Overland teardrops weigh about 700 lbs and provide the makings for a quick and easy getaway,